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Junior Genius are the publishers of exciting novels aimed at the 8-12 year-old age group, i.e. broadly junior and prep school ages. Our publications are suitable for all ages, and are neither "boys" books nor "girls" books, but are written specifically for all children to enjoy. All our books have a strong mystery theme, with jigsaw puzzle plots that stretch even adult imaginations. At the same time, the books are adventurous and funny. The accent is on excitement, mystery and humour!

The Naitabal Mystery Series

by David Schutte

Danger, Keep Out!Danger,
Keep Out!
Wake Up, It's Midnight!Wake Up,
It's Midnight!
Wild Woods, Dark SecretWild Woods,
Dark Secret
Behind Locked DoorsBehind
Locked Doors
Ghost IslandGhost
Dead Man's ChestDead Man's
The Secret of Stranglehold HallThe Secret of
Stranglehold Hall

What are Naitabals?

Naitabals are a wild species of human, aged about 10, commonly found in British gardens all year round. These noisy creatures love to hide and sleep in trees (normally tree-houses) and eat just about anything they like (except what their parents want them to eat). They have their own secret language and often communicate with hand-written coded messages.

One-Off Mystery/Adventure Novels

by David Schutte

Skeletons in the AtticSkeletons in the Attic

Pure excitement!

These one-off novels by David Schutte are for boys and girls alike. While not part of the Naitabal Mystery series, Skeletons in the Attic sets the scenes for the fifth Naitabal book, Ghost Island. Meanwhile, Sam and the U.F.O. is another great mystery and adventure novel with a healthy dose of science fiction!
Sam and the U.F.O.Sam and the U.F.O.

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