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David Schutte was born in Crouch End, North London. Brain surgeon, pop singer and Olympic athlete are just three of the things he never achieved.

Books by David Schutte
The Naitabal Mystery Series...
  1. Danger, Keep Out!
  2. Wake Up, It's Midnight!
  3. Wild Woods, Dark Secret
  4. Behind Locked Doors
  5. Ghost Island
  6. Dead Man's Chest
  7. The Secret of Stranglehold Hall
Non-Series Thrillers... Stay tuned for more!

After several false starts at a writing career, he then became a computer programmer in the late sixties, helping to spread the Millenium bug. He moved hastily on to customer relations, branch management, trouble-shooting, manual-writing and marketing.

His first one-act comedy play "A Bite of the Apple" was published as early as 1977. In 1997 it was translated into Welsh for the National Eisteddfod where it won the final of the short play competition in Bala.

A change of career in 1987 gave him time to write his first children’s novel, and success came at last in 1993 with the publication by Macmillan of Mud Pies and Water-Bombs (later re-titled Danger, Keep Out), the first of the "Naitabal" mystery series. Wake Up, It's Midnight followed in 1994, and the third and fourth books, Wild Woods, Dark Secret and Behind Locked Doors, in 1996. (Moral: never give up.)

There are now seven "Naitabal" titles in print, as well as two non-series novels, Sam and the UFO and Skeletons in the Attic. More books are in preparation.

As well as writing and lecturing in schools (over 200 to date), David is also a specialist children's bookseller, supplying rare and collectable favourites and first editions to hundreds of customers worldwide.

Make sure to visit David's other website at DavidSchutte.co.uk.

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