Behind Locked Doors

A Naitabal Mystery

The message was written in purple ink on yellow paper. In an almost illegible spidery scrawl, it said: 'PLEASE HELP ME!'

Behind Locked Doors Mrs Hooper has not left her home or spoken to anyone for twenty years, ever since her husband died. His hat, coat and umbrella still hang in the hall, untouched, covered in dust.

Now the Naitabals realise she might be in trouble. What sinister secrets are hidden within Mrs Hooper's spooky old house? Why has she locked herself away for so long? When the Naitabals finally open the locked doors, they find a mystery far more evil than any of them could have imagined...

"Have you got a Naitabal in your garden? According to David Schutte, a Naitabal is 'a wild species of human aged about ten', it feeds on 'anything, except what its parents want it to' and it lives mainly in tree-houses. If your own Naitabal hankers for adventure... buy it one of Schutte's Naitabal Mysteries."The Times

Title: Behind Locked Doors
Book: 4 of 7 in the Naitabal Series
ISBN-10: 1-904028-03-9
ISBN-13: 978-1-904028-03-1
Price: 5.00
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NAITABAL: A wild species of human, aged about 10
Seas and Islands: Areas of land occupied by Naitabals and their enemies.
Territory: Territory controlled by Naitabals — marked as "N.T." on most maps.
Stilts: Stilts with a special design, useful for seeing over enemy fences.