Danger, Keep Out!

A Naitabal Mystery

Miss Coates steamed up the garden path. Her white hair glowed in the moonlight. She stopped at the well in the middle of her lawn, and shone her torch into it. And then... she disappeared.

Danger, Keep Out! To ordinary people, she's Miss Coates, but to the Naitabals she's the old enemy battleship, the SS Coates. And she's hiding something.

Why has she grown huge hedges around her garden, so no one can see into it? And why is she so desperate to stop anyone stooping?

Determined to discover the truth, the Naitabals go investigating. But the secrets they uncover lie deep in the past — a past that Miss Coates will do anything to conceal...

"Get ready for an invasion of wild ten-year-olds..."The Daily Telegraph

Title: Danger, Keep Out!
Book: 1 of 7 in the Naitabal Series
ISBN-10: 1-904028-00-4
ISBN-13: 978-1-904028-00-0
Price: 5.00
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NAITABAL: A wild species of human, aged about 10
Habitat: Found in most British gardens all the year round, sometimes as an unexpected visitor.
Nesting: Mainly in trees, oftern in a tree-house.
Feeding: Eats anything, except what its parents want it to.
Song: Loud (irritating to adults), with its own secret language.
Recognition: You'll know one when you've seen one.