Dead Man's Chest

A Naitabal Mystery

It was a light oak box strengthened with metal straps like a pirate's treasure chest. The edges of the lid were decorated with silhouettes of pirate figures burnt into the wood. Charlotte read the message branded on the lid across the middle: 'SARAH'S LITTLE TREASURE'.

Dead Man's Chest The Naitabals have never seen a living soul at the lonely Deep Shadow Cottage in Gray's Wood. But when Jayne catches a glimpse of a face at the window, it heralds a chain of events that plunge even the woods themselves into danger.

Who really owns the cottage? How did a burning house link its tenant with a past cloaked in mystery?

The fifteen pirates burnt into the lid of the dead man's little wooden chest are just one of the clues that lead the Naitabals to the stunning secret.

"If your own Naitabal hankers for adventure... buy it one of Schutte's Naitabal Mysteries..."
The Times

Title: Dead Man's Chest
Book: 6 of 7 in the Naitabal Series
ISBN-10: 1-904028-06-3
ISBN-13: 978-1-904028-06-2
Price: 5.00
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NAITABAL: A wild species of human, aged about 10
Language: Used by Naitabals to confuse enemies and adults.
Oak: An oak tree suitable for habitation by Naitabals.
Territory: Territory controlled by Naitabals — marked as "N.T." on most maps.
Naitagonia: Any foreign soil in England occupied by Naitabals.