Ghost Island

A Naitabal Mystery

The house that was Ghost Island was silhouetted against the sky, towering above the lake. Thick, round wooden posts stuck up out of the water a few metres from it, like giant hippo teeth, encircling the whole house as far as their eyes could see.

Ghost Island When the Naitabals see the unusual advertisement in their local newspaper, they know they won't rest until they can unravel its strange meaning:

He/she who solves this exquisite puzzle should use the digits below to check if it fits...


Its solution leads them to Ghost Island — and to a mystery that has remained unsolved for fourteen years. It's the Naitabals' biggest challenge yet.

"If your own Naitabal hankers for adventure... buy it one of Schutte's Naitabal Mysteries..."
The Times

Title: Ghost Island
Book: 5 of 7 in the Naitabal Series
ISBN-10: 1-904028-05-5
ISBN-13: 978-1-904028-05-5
Price: 5.00
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NAITABAL: A wild species of human, aged about 10
Language: Used by Naitabals to confuse enemies and adults.
Tree: Any large tree (preferably oak) suitable for habitation by Naitabals.
Seas and Islands: Areas of land occupied by Naitabals and their enemies.
Territory: Territory controlled by Naitabals — marked as "N.T." on most maps.