Reviews & Comments

Just a few of the letters received from teachers...

"I hope you retain that final image of a hall full of children reading your signed copies! Vinehall has been in the grip of Naitabal fever ever since and I have had to order lots of copies for the library and bookshop. The children have genuinely enjoyed the stories and all ages from 9-13 have been reading voraciously."
—Simon Ireland, Vinehall School, East Sussex

Hall of Children

"May I say how much the children enjoyed your talks and are enjoying your books. There is quite a Naitabal fever prevalent in the school now! May I say, too, how much I enjoy reading them. They are deliciously funny and well-observed."
—Paul Howell, Thomas's Prep School, Clapham
"We all, staff and pupils, enjoyed your visit enormously and found your talk both fascinating and inspirational. The reading of Naitabal books continues unabated right across the age range."
—Jane Crawford, St Andrew's School, Bedford
"Thank you very much for visiting Josca's and speaking so well. Naitabal fever has broken out in the woods at the bottom of the playground. My class especially love the stories."
—Patricia Wynne-Jones, Josca's Prep, Abingdon
"Parental feedback has been extremely favourable and the Headmaster is delighted."
—Bernadette Short, Felsted Preparatory School, Essex
"Thanks once again for your entertaining and inspiring visit. Please feel free to give anyone my number..."
—Nigel Cox, Arnold Lodge School, Leamington Spa
"The boys have been thoroughly inspired, both by what you said and by their reading of the books they bought."
—Nick Edwards, The Mall School, Twickenham
"I was delighted with your visit and the girls certainly gained a great deal from it. I very much hope we will be able to welcome you back to the school in the future for another taster of your many skills."
—Penelope S Kirk, Portsmouth High Junior School, Southsea
"I have been delighted with the whole venture and will certainly spread the word..."
—Jean Battye, North Bridge House, Regents Park, London

Comments from the children...

"This [Wake Up, It's Midnight!] is truly the best book I've ever read, the last few pages were so exciting."
—Joanna McCarthy, aged 10.
"I LOVE YOUR BOOKS. Great great great!"
—Russell Denyer.
"I read the book [Danger, Keep Out!] in three days because it was so good."
—Nicola, aged 9.
"The book I'm reading [Danger, Keep Out!] is brill... All the people in the school who bought it are really enjoying it."
"I thoroughly enjoyed your book. In parts it got so gripping I couldn't put it down. I couldn't hear what anyone was saying, I even took it to school to read so I could get through it faster..."
"I hope you keep on writing this series for a long time."
—Clare Bilski.
"I think it was a very good funny book and I would recommend it to anyone who likes good funny books. I think it was one of the best books I have ever read."
—David, 5F.
"I liked every bit of the story. It was 100% brilliant... I have never heard a better story..."
—Katy C.
"Thank you very much for your wonderful book, I enjoyed it very much... The only bit I didn't like was when it ended."
—Kelly H.
"I love your book, it is the best book I've ever read in my life..."

And some parents' comments...

"Thank you very much for your latest two books. My daughter's reaction was 'Goodee. More Naitabal books.' Having been given them [Wild Woods, Dark Secret and Behind Locked Doors] on Friday morning, Katy had read both by Sunday lunchtime and was starting Danger, Keep Out! again."
—Martyn R Neal.
"My 10-year-old son is reading!! Devouring your books and talking in a funny language—and now my daughter's answering—help! Thank you so much for your books—much loved—please write some more."
—Sarah Searle, Shrewsbury House School.

What the critics say...

"Have you got a Naitabal in your garden? According to author David Schutte, a Naitabal is 'a wild species of human aged about ten', it feeds on 'anything, except what its parents want it to' and it lives mainly in tree-houses. If your own Naitabal hankers for the comforting certainties of an Enid Blyton-style adventure, but deserves better writing, buy it one of Schutte's four Naitabal Mysteries."
—The Times
"The Naitabals are a wild species of human aged about 10 who inhabit these great books... The stories are fun to read, and even better because with each one the Naitabal world develops and expands. The tribe have their own language, code, battle dress, and code of honour... they certainly promote the sort of values which many people feel are dead or dying—doing things for the best and keeping a promise. I hope David Schutte can keep adding to the series...."
—The School Librarian
"The type of story that would appeal to juniors who like reading about children outwitting the adults... who dream of having a tree-house and outdoor adventures, and who like codes and secret letters. It is all very entertaining... "
—Junior Bookshelf
"Get ready for an invasion of wild ten-year-olds..."
—Young Telegraph

Anthony Buckeridge, author of the 'Jennings' books

"The plots... are worked out with mind-boggling precision. The narratives make compulsive reading: once started, the reader is hooked until the final denouement. These books provide a really enthralling read from start to finish. It is difficult to put them down until the last page is reached. Congratulations, David Schutte!"
—Anthony Buckeridge, author of the "Jennings" books
"What is so exciting about these children is they have their own language and their own secret codes which really work... the sort of thing that children will take up in the playground and use themselves. It works well, it's a very, very adventurous story... splendid, I think."
—Mary Cadogan for John Dunn's BBC Radio 2 Christmas Selection
"What I like so much about the Naitabal books is the detail (the secret language, the maps, the morse code etc)—this is just the sort of thing that children relish and, when added to the lively characters and brisk, exciting stories, makes the books so completely enjoyable! I wish I'd thought of the idea!
—Lance Salway

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