Wild Woods, Dark Secret

A Naitabal Mystery

The woman was moving along a track a little way above them. Instead of walking, she seemed to be sailing effortlessly, floating like a ghost above the ground.

Wild Woods, Dark Secret The Naitabal gang are promised the holiday of a lifetime at Mr Blake's remote country house.

But from the very first moment, their visit is plunged into mystery. Why has Mr Blake disappeared? What is the meaning of the weird coded messages? Who are the sinister strangers that prowl the dark, forbidding woods?

Only one thing is clear — Mr Blake is in big trouble...

"The Naitabals are a wild species of human aged about 10 who inhabit these great books... I hope David Schutte can keep adding to the series..."The School Librarian

Title: Wild Woods, Dark Secret
Book: 3 of 7 in the Naitabal Series
ISBN-10: 1-904028-02-0
ISBN-13: 978-1-904028-02-4
Price: 5.00
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NAITABAL: A wild species of human, aged about 10
Grunt: Primitive Naitabal response used mainly on adults.
Torch: An electric torch with three colours, usually white, red and green.
Morse: A secret signalling code that cannot be deciphered by enemies or adults.
Naitagonia: Any foreign soil in England occupied by Naitabals.